Learning shouldn't stop when the bell rings...

Camp Phoenix offers low-income Bay Area rising 6-8th graders with joyful learning and leadership experience in the outdoors, run by seasoned educators, camp counselors, dedicated community members, chefs, and college students. 

I’m a different person because I’ve been [at Camp Phoenix] for 3 years. Camp helped me mature and become the person I want to be.
— -Camper Taliyah “Eclipse” Tate

Over the course of the program, Camp Phoenix tackles three questions tied to personal growth and leadership. The first week we ask: "who are we?", and consider how our community, cabin, school, family, city, environment, and world, is better when we work together. The second week we ask: "who am I", identifying our unique values that make us prepared to be leaders and achievers. And finally, we ask: "who will I become, and how will I get there?", setting a clear vision for who we want to be and how we will become change agents within our communities. 

We provide a safe, "learn-by-doing" space to explore these themes in our one-of-a-kind program, where campers launch rockets, collect data while observing banana slugs, read novels under redwood trees, relay-race, solo-hike, explore nearby farms, and sleep under the stars. Learn more about our unique values and approach below:

Three-week Summer Camp | Year-round Excursions 


Our three-week, overnight immersion program in San Gregorio, CA focuses on three core components: 1) Math, science and reading comprehension, 2) Character building and social-emotional development, and 3) Outdoor experiences. Over 90% of our campers meet their growth goals in math, reading, and social-emotional development. 



Here we'll have a timeline visual representing a day in the life (designer is working on it)

Watch our 2016 summer video below:

Year-round Excursion Program | THROUGHOUT BAY AREA

Camp Phoenix provides its campers with year-round excursions, enrichment, and support. These excursions align with our campers’ individual social-emotional and leadership goals, and carry forward learning and progress achieved at camp.

Year-round excursions // Bay Area, CA
Exploratorium field trip     //   Campers and volunteers indulged their curiosity at the SF Exploratorium

Exploratorium field trip // Campers and volunteers indulged their curiosity at the SF Exploratorium

Pinole Regional Shoreline Park //  C ampers reflect on their year-long goals and go on a five-mile day hike

Pinole Regional Shoreline Park // Campers reflect on their year-long goals and go on a five-mile day hike