the significance of the phoenix

An original story written and performed by camper, Christian "Pikachu" Barazza

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The story goes that a big bird was born in the forest and it lived with other animals, squirrels, turtles, monkeys, any typical animal. But one day there was a wild fire, and every animal in the forest started running away.

The big bird didn’t know what to do. He asked “why is everyone running away?” The animals said, “there’s a fire, run! Run away!”

Instead he ran into the fire and tried to blow it out with his huge wings. As he was blowing the fire got bigger and bigger, so the other animals started trying to help. Squirrels got water and tried to put it out. Fishes started flapping their tails against the water to blow out the fire. And the big bird was still trying to put the fire out with it’s wings, but they caught on fire.

He was still trying to put out the fire but the fire got too big and he made one last blow and put the fire out. Everyone was cheering and celebrating, but no one saw the bird. They went searching for the bird and they couldn’t find him. A hawk went up in the sky and he saw something—it was ashes and a glowing light. He told everyone and they all rushed to see it. It wasn’t a normal fire and ashes, it was shaped like a bird. It was the big bird—he had survived the fire. And from then on, the legend of the phoenix was born.

The phoenix is important because it reminds us campers to never give up, because the phoenix just reincarnates itself, and we can do that too. If we get down, or some of us face hard times, we can rise up from that.