At Camp Phoenix, we are dedicated not only to our campers, but also their families, siblings, teachers, and communities. For this reason, we bring the broader Phoenix Phamily, Phriends and community into our program whenever we can. We believe that our mission is all the more impactful when it complements the hard work already taking place in and outside of the classroom. 

As Abby Friedman, the Director of the Family & College Resource Center at school-site partner, College Coliseum Prep Academy put it: “Camp was transformative for parents and kids alike. One mom was hesitant to let her boys go, but she couldn't stop thanking me after they got back. They had matured and grown so much in just three weeks, and she could feel the difference it made. This partnership means so much to us. It also sets up our kids and families to feel more confident about going away for future summer internships or for college.”

Parents + Families | Alumni | Teachers + Schools


During the annual Family Day at camp, parents and siblings arrive in San Gregorio to joyous embraces. After families share potluck dishes and meet their kids' new friends and counselors, the day culminates with a camper-led talent show. Even some of the most shy campers dance, read poetry, and sing. Eighth grade "flock leaders" share the outcomes of their leadership projects, solutions they have designed to enhance the camp experience. Phoenix parents are proud and excited by what camp has meant to their kids.

My son has become more independent, mature, and a leader. He now stands up for others that are being treated unfairly.
— Camp Phoenix parent, Rosario Duenas


We believe camp should be a part of our campers' lives long past 8th grade. Our campers–energized by the leadership opportunities and those they look up to currently serving in those roles–consistently express excitement about being counselors and staff members when they get older. Through alumni programming and the development of a "Counselor-in-Training" program, we are creating the chance for our high school alumni to further develop their leadership skills with Camp Phoenix.

We want to create ample space for our campers to take on leadership roles at Camp Phoenix, as counselors, teachers, and ultimately, directors and board members.
— James Paek, Camp Phoenix Founder

TEACHER dialogue and goal-setting

Camp Phoenix aims to complement work already being done in the classroom. For that reason, we create strong, trusted partnerships with schools and teachers to encourage open dialogue about how Camp Phoenix can continue to best respond to children’s needs outside of the classroom. Our campers establish school year academic and social-emotional goals for themselves, and we work closely with their classroom leaders to help them reach these goals.

One scholar, who has attended camp for the past three years now, has high confidence, can problem solve on his own, and is on top of all his schoolwork. I know that his experiences over the summer have helped him find his self-confidence and identity.
— Former Greenleaf Elementary School Principal Melanie Schoeppe