Lantern Ceremony

This evening, we had a very special campfire and a lantern ceremony to celebrate the first week of camp. Campers reflected on their wishes for the next two weeks at Camp Phoenix and beyond. They wrote down their wishes for themselves and those they love, attached their wishes to lanterns, and floated the lanterns into the night sky.      

Field Trip to Harley Farms and Pescadero Beach

Today, campers visited Harley Farms, a nearby dairy farm, and explored Pescadero Beach. Campers learned about the history of the farm, met the goats and the llama who reside at the farm, learned about the goat-milking and cheese-making process, and sampled two types of chevre cheese. Some highlights for campers were tasting the cheese at Harley Farms, splashing in the water at the beach, and finding crabs, shells, and sand dollars on the shore.